Indeed, EDG presentations are amazing and so inspiring, I just love them.

The Truth about Universal Medicine

by Sally Scott, Manager, Perth WA

I attended Universal Medicine’s final Esoteric Developer’s Group (EDG) for 2012, along with 300 other people.

Serge Benhayon was enjoying himself… relaxed, having fun and very excited about 170 billion galaxies. What was I going to learn about today?

Every time Serge Benhayon presents at the EDG, or sometimes when other people are asked to present, I get to learn something that I would never have had the opportunity to if these presentations did not happen. Universal Medicine practitioners, as well as many student members who live their lives all over the world, often present either with Serge, or in addition to his presentations at these EDG events. They are everyday people – working, managing families, interested in their communities, their schools, politics etc – the diversity is extraordinary. 

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